Our reception has no regular opening hours and in case no one is there you can call us [+354 864 3757]. In most cases someone will then arrive to the reception within 5 min. If not we will answer your questions on the phone, give you instructions on how and where to camp and information on when we will be at the reception.

During the Icelandic summermonths (June, July, August) we can in most years offer following service.
– Divided campground with special private area for you alone.
– Bathroom and shower with hot and cold water.
– Running hot and cold water outside.
– Our simple outside cooking facilities.
– Hose with drink-water to fill up water-tanks.
– WiFi in selected areas between 7 am and 11 pm.
– Staff that speaks English and knows the area to give good information and tips.

During wintertime in Iceland we need to limit our service.
We can’t provide the same service as in summer but there will always be:
– Warm bathroom with running hot and cold water.
– Hot showers.
– WiFi in selected areas between 7 am and 11 pm.

We also do our best to try to provide in winter if we possible can:
– Cooking facilities outside.
– A hose with running drink-water from inside for special needs.

During winter only areas L and M are open.