Rules at our camp site

  1. Our camp site is to be a peaceful place to stay. There for all disturbance with noise, unnecessary driving or by other means is not well seen. From midnight to morning there is to be silence and it is not allowed to be drunk on the camp area.
  2. On arrival and before settling contact warden. Guest who arrive after midnight can’t expect to get approval to settle.
  3. Speed limit is 15 km/hour. No driving between midnight and seven AM is allowed inside the campground.
  4. Guests are expected to treat nature with care and to sort all garbage in the marked containers for recycling.
  5. It is not allowed to light a open fire and guests using barbecues and other types of cooking equipment are to take precautions.
  6. The camp site of Lífsmótun is close to the home and farm of Hjalli. Guests are expected to respect the privacy of their hosts and the boundaries of the camp site.
  7. Children can only stay on the camp site with their parents (or other adult person) which are also responsible for the children safety.

Guests that do not follow these rules will be asked to leave or/and might be refused on next arrival.