During the Icelandic summermonths (June, July, August) we can in most years offer our full service and then our guests pay summerprices.
– Drive into and stay on the actual divided campground.
– Full access to all bathrooms and showers.
– Full access to running water outside.
– Full access to our simple outside cooking facilities.
– Wifi in selected areas between 7 am and 10 pm.

In the period between summer and winter you can expect to pay for one thing according to summerprices and for another according to winterprices. 😉

During wintertime in Iceland we need to limit our service.
We charge winterprices as we can not provide the same service as in summer
but there will always be:
– Warm bathroom with running hot and cold water.
– Hot showers.
– Wifi in selected areas between 7 am and 10 pm.

We also do our best to try to provide if we possible can:
– Cooking facilities outside.
– A hose with running water from inside for special needs.